Barbara Rose – Smoke ‘n’ Hot


September 5 – 28, 2014
Opening Reception Friday September 5, 7-9:30pm

Barbara Rose, invitation frontWithin a short number of years Barbara Rose has made an impression in the world of potters. After graduating from Sheridan College in 2008 she has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in the Greater Hamilton area, and has won eight awards of distinction such as merit, excellence and best in show.

Barbara is an Ancaster potter, who in this exhibition is looking beyond the function of the vessel as merely a container, ‘but containment of ideas: exploring metaphysical and conceptual containment.’
“When forms are placed in the path of the flame whether in a pit, a barrel, or wood kiln, the clay pots are forever changed and imprinted with the spirit of the fire. The forms themselves determine the path for the fire, the absorption of the smoke and the basin for ash. This interaction of fire, smoke and ash produces individual vessels. Although in these processes the artist gives the materials greater freedom to assert variety it is through technical skill and knowledge that the ceramist controls the happenstance affect. The individuality of each piece is a celebration of the infinite array of possibilities.”

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