Carmella Karijo Rother and Lorraine Roy – Wisdom of the Rings

Textiles and fibre sculptures

May 31 – June 23, 2019
Opening reception Friday May 31, 7-9:30pm

Karijo Rother & Roy, Wisdom of the Rings, exhibition invitation (front)This exhibition embraces the work of two established fibre artists. Roy creates intricate textile ‘collages’ which reflect her interest in the biology, mythology, and symbolism of trees. Karijo-Rother crafts freestanding organic sculptural forms through an intuitive approach with materials. Together they explore their shared interest in the patterns of circles, spirals and rings found in nature.

Review by Regina Haggo “Two friends share their passion for textile art in Carnegie Gallery’s ‘Wisdom of the Rings’ ”. (The Hamilton Spectator. 27 June 2019).

Carmella Karijo Rother, "Cipher"
Carmella Karijo Rother, “Cipher”
Lorraine Roy, textile wall hanging
Lorraine Roy, textile wall hanging

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