Carol Priamo – Interplay II

Explorations in collage

March 1-28, 2019
Opening reception Friday March 1st, 7-9:30pm

Carol Priamo, "Interplay II" exhibition invitationCarol Priamo combines her artistic practices of photography, printmaking and collage to create mixed media works of vibrant colour, pattern and texture. With her long-time passion for architecture and the urban environment, she integrates her photographs, found papers and painterly effects transforming these disparate elements into a seamless imaginary reality that challenges our perception and engages our curiosity.

Experimentation is the driving force in pursuing new discoveries made possible by combining digital tools and hands-on techniques.

INTERPLAY is a metaphor for the interactions that occur in all relationships of life where combinations, additions and changes produce a new dynamic with its own energy and characteristics – where the whole is greater than the sum of or any of its parts.

Carol Priamo website

artist Carol Priamo at her exhibition Interplay II
Artist Carol Priamo
Carol Priamo 2 works from the Interplay II exhibition
Two works from Carol Priamo’s exhibition Interplay II

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