Christopher Reid Flock – Basking


February 6 – March 1, 2015
Opening reception Friday February 6, 7-9:30pm

Christopher Reid Flock invitation

Reid Flock has exhibited his work extensively in solo and group shows across Ontario and also some exposure in Japan. He moved to Japan in 2000 a decision that profoundly changed his life.

“During nine years of self-directed learning, exposure to Japanese ceramic art, and working under the tutelage of a master ceramicist, Maeno Yoshiko, in Ibaraki, I was able to deepen my appreciation for the Japanese aesthetic as well as come to a heightened awareness of who I am as a Canadian. Not only did I learn a new spoken language, I mastered a new artistic language. My recent work has reinterpreted the root of functional objects. I have contrasted the scale between Canadian and traditional Japanese teapots and bowls, making the Canadian or western interpretations so much larger and more industrially and artistically complicated.  I have also interpreted Sogetsu Ikebana (flower arranging) in ceramic, adding oversized truck tire treads and sections of garden-hoses. My large-scale pots have great ribbon-like clay appendages that flow out from their interiors and sides imitating the wrapping cloth on traditional Japanese kimonos. It reminds viewers of something recognizable and classic while also inspiring them to think beyond the norm and enjoy an original interpretation”.

He has recently won the Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics, January 2015; one of 9 awards in the past 5 years and has a number recent publications as well. Flock’s creations will be vibrant and edgy; not to be missed.

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