Dawn White Beatty – the messengers

Mixed Media Painting

May 1 – May 31, 2015
Opening reception Friday May 1, 7-9:30pm

Dawn White Beatty invitation“the messengers, a continuing series of large scale gestural drawings on paper that explore moth and butterfly details, rendered in the mediums of compressed charcoal, chalk pastel, Conté and graphite, reflects this imprinting and finely focuses my investigations of these wondrous insects. These drawings in turn have spawned accompanying sculptural wire constructions that extend the ideas of the works on paper.

Studying the striking graphic lines and patterns of nature’s camouflage and construction techniques, these drawings and wire sculptures explore the purposeful line, colour, pattern, architecture and economy of materials employed so brilliantly by nature in the bodies of butterflies and moths. I peer intently…

Additionally, as the Carnegie Gallery is very close to the Urquhart Butterfly Garden in Dundas, I will encourage a conversation between these two places by exhibiting works that feature butterflies and moths that depend on this local public garden and by including a book-work of handmade papers created from plant fibres, seeds etc. from plants represented in this important garden.”

Dawn White Beatty has a strong artistic experience through solo and group exhibitions, as juror, curator and teacher in the Ontario art scene. She has studied at Sheridan and the DVSA in Design and Fine Art, and held residency positions locally and abroad.  She is well published for her works and has written numerous articles for other established artists.

Dawn White Beatty, "monarch XIV", 2015; photographed in the studio
Dawn White Beatty, “monarch XIV”, 2015; in studio
Dawn White Beatty, "a book of a garden milkweed", 2015
Dawn White Beatty, “a book of a garden milkweed”, 2015


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