Donna Ibing – Water . . . Falls

Donna Ibing, "Water...Falls", invitationwoodcuts

July 9 – August 1, 2021
Artist will be present on Saturday, July 10, 1-3pm

Well-established local artist Donna Ibing shares her fascination with waterfalls in this latest exhibition. Known as a prolific painter, she is also an accomplished printmaker in the colour reduction woodcut process. Ibing captures local sites along the escarpment through their various seasonal changes emphasizing the contrasts of texture between rock, water, wood and grass. Her images convey an astute sense of colour and graphic composition evoking the composure and elegance of traditional Japanese woodcuts.

Review by Regina Haggo “These two artists look to capture Mother Nature’s terrible beauty“. (The Hamilton Spectator. 24 July 2021).

Donna Ibing, "The Brink", 2021
Donna Ibing, “The Brink”, colour reduction woodcut, 12”x12”

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