Catherine Gibbon

“Cathy in her Studio” by Lorne Toews

Cathy Gibbon (1949-2021) was an accomplished artist, environmentalist, educator, musician and Carnegie founder.

Chalk pastels were often Catherine’s choice of medium and the full body of her work spans decades.

Gibbon’s distinctive interpretations of land and sky are ever characterized by their dynamic energy, rich colour, and the artist’s remarkable sensitivity to the changing patterns of light. Her pure aesthetic vision captures the fragility of our environment, and celebrates the power and poetry of the natural world in a deeply personal way.

Catherine Gibbon’s work is represented in a number of public and private collections including the Art Gallery of Hamilton, McMaster University, Firestone Canada Inc., MacLean Hunter Ltd., Lynwood Arts Centre and the National Archives. Instructor at the Dundas Valley School of Art for many years, she was also the driving force behind the ‘On the Edge’ book and exhibition. In 1996, she was awarded the Ecolutions Environmental Award for the Arts, and was Woman of the Year for the Arts, Hamilton Region in 1994.

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