Fuzzy Mall – Forest Bath


Fuzzy Mall exhibition "Forest Bath", invitation 2021textiles

April 9 – May 2, 2021 – extended through May

The Carnegie is pleased to present the innovative textile work of Fuzzy Mall. These large scale fabric collages are driven by the desire to celebrate the simple pleasures of everyday activities in contrast to the volatile events reported in our broader media landscape. The artist brings these snapshots to life through the complex piecing of colour and pattern. A native of Pittsburgh, this is his first solo exhibition at the Carnegie.

Artist Statement
“I capture people in action, in personal settings, doing things they love to do. The work is a response to our current media landscape, which is jarring and anxiety-inducing. As an American living in Canada, I’ve been feeling helpless watching each news cycle. This work is my response to the number of depressing news stories coming out of my home country. I feel sad, angry, frustrated, and ineffective. I know the stories of school shootings, corporate greed, decaying environment, and corrupt politicians won’t stop anytime soon; and as a result, I can only focus on a localized and momentary happiness. This series portrays people doing simple things that bring them bliss, whether it be gardening, biking, yoga, or playing with a pet. More than ever, I need to see people enjoying life’s small moments.” ~ Fuzzy Mall
Fuzzy Mall website www.quiltedportrait.net

Please contact the Carnegie Gallery to purchase any of the pieces in this exhibition. All dimensions are irregular and approximate.
View exhibition price list.
[email protected]

Review by Regina Haggo “Fuzzy Mall sews up big portraits in fabric on disply at Carnegie Gallery”. (The Hamilton Spectator. 24 April 2021).

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]View video of Fuzzy Mall’s artwork installed in the Carnegie Gallery exhibition space.

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