Gord Bond – Almost Human Nature


January 6 – 29, 2017
Opening Reception Friday January 6,  7 – 9:30pm

Gord Bond invitation "Almost Human Nature"Almost Human Nature
is a series of paintings which uses the ‘familiar’ as a jumping-off point to explore the malleability of form, composition, colour and surface in painting. Although the resulting image is representational, this is almost in spite of itself. The painting process has little regard for the image and is more akin to how an abstract painter works. The paintings are the result of reading and reacting as new colours and forms are added and removed from the surface of the canvas. Destruction is as important as creation in this work. As layers are built up and scraped off, they leave behind a history which dictates the direction of each painting. While these works invite the viewer to reflect on the narrative and humour of the superficial image, they also ask the viewer to move deeper and explore the creation of the painting itself.

Gord Bond, exhibition opening
Gord Bond, exhibition opening

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