Janusz Wrobel – Intermission


January 9 – February 1, 2015
Opening reception Friday January 9, 7-9:30pm

Janusz Wrobel, Intermission, invitation Front

‘Photography since its invention has created powerful images that serve as documents of social realities. It exists also as a medium of commentary as much as a collection of artistic imagery.

The exhibition Intermission explores this facet of photography and is part of Janusz’s ongoing documentary practice of responding to and visualizing urban Hamilton. Each photograph attempts to capture a single issue in the city as it is debated in the local media, in city hall, and in public disclosure.

… Intermission is a document of Hamilton but may well be a picture of the future for many Canadian cities.’

Janusz Wrobel is a Dundas resident and professional photographer. He attained a Masters degree in Technology of Photographic Materials from the University of Wroclaw, before emmigrating to  Canada 30 years ago.

‘He worked in commercial photography and image photofinishing after coming to Canada and now has 5 years of professional expertise as a fine art photographer, (even though Janusz has been taking pictures since  he was a boy in highschool), the cumulative result of his background and his strong affinity for the Canadian landscape.’

Janusz has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Ontario since 2004 to the present, and is an Artist Member of the Carnegie Gallery.

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