Jordi Alfaro – recollect

sculptural ceramics

July 3 – July 26, 2015
Opening reception Friday July 3, 7-9:30pm

Jordi Alfaro inviteOriginally from Barcelona, Spain, Jordi Alfaro has been a practicing artist in North America since 2001. Jordi moved to Dundas in 2013, continuing his practice in the studio, exploring and working with his new community in Ontario.

His work is concerned with instinct, the energy of nature, the subconscious and elemental powers. He builds ceramic forms that are abstract, primitive, and conscious of volume and space.

Alfaro has worked and exhibited in North America and Europe. Jordi’s sculptures can be found in public and private collections, including an outdoor, large-scale work, “The Meeting”, that is a part of the President’s Collection at the University of Regina where he was a visiting artist in residence. His work was recently acquired for Canada House’s art collection in the UK. Jordi is represented by the David Kaye Gallery (Toronto) and Sopa Fine Arts (British Columbia).

“My practice is intrigued by the instinct that precedes the need to explain and communicate through language, music, science, mathematics, and so on. My work manifests from this instinct – a place in the mind where words do not exist.”

Jordi Alfaro with artwork
Jordi Alfaro with works from the exhibition

Multicoloured, ceramic, 2015

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