Kathy Bond & Gord Bond – Entwined Inspirations

Gord Bond & Kath Bond, "Entwined Inspirations" exhibition invitation, March 2023


March 3-29, 2023
Reception: Friday, March 3, 7-9:30

Artists Tour Sunday, March 19, 1-2pm

The exhibition marks the first time this Hamilton mother and son duo have shown together publicly. Their work demonstrates an exploration of colour, geometry, shape relationships, and mark making through depictions of florals, landscape, and architecture. Gord and Kathy are also interested in experimenting with the oil medium itself – scraping and layering paint as a new work evolves over time. The common threads they share as artists, as well as the contrasts that distinguish them, tell a broader story about family, growth and the act of painting.

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Kathy Bond, paintingGord Bond, painting

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