landscape painting to promote the McMichael lecture about the Group of Seven

The Wilderness, or What to Paint When a Moose Breathes Down Your Neck.

Everyone loves Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven now, but a hundred years ago, these artists were often mocked for their modern style and their love of the northern wilderness. One critic made fun of them by imagining them painting with moose breathing down their necks and bears stealing their food. This introductory talk looks at where Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven stand in the story of landscape painting in Canada.

This lecture is held in conjunction with the sold out Carnegie Gallery trip on Saturday October 1, to the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Regina Haggo is an art historian, public speaker, and former professor of art history in New Zealand who also writes a weekly column about art for the Hamilton Spectator.

Tuesday September 20th 2016, 7-8 pm

Tickets $10 each

Available at the Carnegie Gallery –
(905) 627-4265
10 King St. W. Dundas
[email protected]

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