Lee Jung-Do

Jung-Do LeeBurlington, ON

Lee Jung-Do is a master ceramic artist who has been creating beautiful ceramic ware for over forty-five years.  A native of Korea, his work has focused primarily on reviving the beauty of stamped Buncheong ware infused with a modern perspective.  His work is characterized by its simplicity of form, and is often decorated with a delicate stamped design and white slip inlaid pattern.  He has hosted several international workshops and exhibited his work widely in numerous solo and group exhibitions including the Carnegie Gallery.  His work can be found in collections including: the International Arts & Artists Center, Washington DC, USA;  Honolulu Academy of Arts Gallery, Hawaii, USA; Sungkyunkwan University Museum, Seoul, Korea; Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Kwangju, Korea; Sevres National Museum of Ceramics, France; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada; Hongik University Contemporary Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea; Musee Royal De Marimont, Belgium; British Museum, London, UK; Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK; plus others.

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