Lora Moore-Kakaletris – Dark Water


July 8 – 31, 2016
Opening reception Friday July 8, 7-9:30pm

Dark Water invitationLora Moore-Kakaletris observes that she is “inspired by the mystery and momentary escape from reality that submerging oneself in water allows.”

Commenting on the development of the work in this exhibition, she notes:
“My Dark Waters series began in my backyard pool, with nothing more than a camera and a ziplock bag. The simple act of being in the water, allowed me to see deeper and to let go of preconceived notions of who and what I am.  It allowed me to hear my inner voice, and create images that had meaning and depth.  My life experiences have brought me to this place where I find myself overwhelmed with the drive to make photographs about who I am, what moves me, what I feel inside, what I hold sacred and what I fear.  Creating this series, has allowed me to bravely tackle my own dark waters.  My hope is that this series encourages people to look at their darkness and journey in it.  To see their light – like a flower under the ground that all-of-a -sudden bursts through the Earth.  I share my work in hopes of leaving some permanent telling mark on the world…that I was here.”

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