M. Philpott, M. Giacomini, H. Moore, T. Seaton – Susurrations

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"Susurrations", exhibition invitation, April 2024

Four artists interpret life with birds.

April 5 – 28, 2024 
Reception: Friday, April 5, 7-9:30pm 
Artists Talk: April 26th, 1-2pm in the Main Gallery, FREE – No registration required

CLAY – Mary Philpott – Sculptor, ceramicist 
FABRIC – Mita Giacomini – Surface weaving 
PAINT – Heather Moore – Watercolour, acrylic 
GLASS – Teresa Seaton – Stained glass, copper foil

In the peaceful studios of four well-established artists, the theme of nature has been pursued for many years. Four artists, four different media, one theme.

Now the four have come together for this exhibition on the theme of Birds – under the title ‘Susurrations’*

*Birds edge into our awareness as indistinct whispered susurrations – rustling feathers, fluttering wings, chattering song. Sounds that grow as we listen until they become louder in a rush of wings surrounding us. We become aware of other lives, and ultimately, reminded – despite our present Otherness, we are part of a much more than human world. 

Drawn together by kindred interests, they have been energized and inspired by sharing the diversity and resonance between their media, practices and creative interpretations. 

Through their work each strives to draw attention to the natural world and its countless small mysteries and miracles, to speak out against the tragedies caused by environmental abuses and to reflect on the beauty inherent in every species. Birds ride on the invisible and humble us with the determination to carry out the cycle of their lives despite their fragility and the dangers they face. 

This exhibition is a celebration of wonder.

Each of the four artists is well known and award-winning and each brings the strength of their vision to this exhibition. A rich collaboration resulting from several years of dialogue and exchange.

Mary Philpot, Sculptural ceramics
Mary has exhibited widely in Canada and overseas.  Her distinctive sculptural work reflects the strength and mastery that come from tireless work and study along with a firm understanding of the potential of her medium. Mary’s powerful new avian pieces add special dimension to this exhibition.

Teresa Seaton, stained glass, copper foil

A widely exhibited and often commissioned artist, Teresa has developed stained-glass techniques that are distinctly her own. Multi-dimensional layering of glass and remarkable detailing combined with her close observation of nature and passion for protecting it resulted in her ongoing and poignant series ‘Feathers for the Fallen”. For this exhibition, Susurrations, she continues to use the inherent beauty of stained glass to ponder the bigger questions of life, nature and personal choices.

Mita Giacomini, surface weaving

Mita is known for creating finely crafted pieces in a unique technique she has developed through years of experimentation. Her work is painterly, full of subtle colour and intriguing texture and reflects her love of the natural world. The pieces in Susurrations showcase her ability to capture the attitudes and expressions of birds – a quick gesture, a glint in the eye or the turn of a head – we expect her subjects to hop away or lean forward to look us more closely. Mita is a juried, exhibiting member of the Carnegie Gallery.

Heather Moore, painter

For years Heather’s work has predominantly focused on still life in watercolour and she has exhibited and taught in Canada and overseas. The work for Susurrations is a result of personal study and life-long interest in the avian world. Marvelling at the intricate architecture of nests, the function and beauty of fragile feathers, has led to detailed watercolours. Trying to capture sound – the rustling of feathers, the sound of flight – she has turned to large, loose, often near abstract pieces in mixed media on canvas. Heather is a juried, exhibiting member of the Carnegie Gallery.

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