MacDonald & Miecznikowski – Drawing Together

Katherine MacDonald & John Miecznikowski

May 2 to May 25, 2014
Opening reception Friday May 2, 7-9:30pm
Artist’s Talk Sunday May 18, 3:00pm

MacDonald & Miecznikowski invitationThe sculptor John Miecznikowski and the painter Katherine MacDonald have devoted much of their professional lives to drawing.  Drawing, more than any other artistic process, is the most direct means for the artist to express his/her seeing and thought.  Many of the historical and material concerns associated with other media are stripped away leaving a spare set of tools – paper, pencil, charcoal, pastel, dry rot and the eyes and hand of the artist.  But, as the work reveals, from simple equipment an extraordinary richness of expression and feeling is possible.  In looking at these works, one is struck by the wit, character, compassion and life which emanate from them.  The drawings are lively, experimental and exceedingly beautiful.  In an age of thickly mediated experience, Miecznikowski and MacDonald make no apology for the directness of their engagement with life; moreover, their work suggests another wisdom – that to say something of human importance we may only need paper and pencil and our own pair of eyes.

The works in this exhibition reveal the artists’ shared purpose and strengths as well as their distinct and independent visions.

MacDonald & Miecznikowski opening  IMG_4411-copy

Exhibition opening photos by Sun Lee

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