Marguerite Larmand – Beyond Reach

Sculptural Installation

November 4 – 27, 2016
Opening Reception Friday November 4, 7 – 9:30pm
Artist Talk:
Tuesday November 15, 10:30am
at the Dundas Valley School of Art

Marguerite Larmand exhibition invitationNovember in the TBA will feature an installation by artist and educator Marguerite Larmand. Larmand’s show Beyond Reach is a series of drawings made from natural willow, wired, lashed and painted. Willow is a living material and aspects such as shrinking, warping and sprouting are  integral to the process. Because they are made in actual space, a change in momentum and position is constant, movement in various directions is necessary and making them becomes an act of drawing, an act outside understanding. Only when complete, can the essential character be determined. Coating the lines with paint transforms the natural willow into what appears to be material as fragile as charcoal or as strong as iron.

Marguerite Larmand  talk at the DVSA November 2016
Marguerite Larmand talk at the DVSA November 2016
Marguerite Larmand, exhibition view
Marguerite Larmand exhibition, gallery view

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