Mark Gane – Fitness Landscapes 2004–2016


February 3 – 26, 2017
Opening Reception Friday February 3,  7 – 9:30pm

Special musical performance by Mark Gane and Ray Dillard
Saturday February 18, 7-9:30pm
Tickets and information available at the Carnegie Gallery or by phone: 905-627-4265

Mark Gane, exhibition invitationMark Gane’s Fitness Landscape photopaintings are based on 24 small, halftone images taken from a newspaper advertisement of individuals working out on various pieces of exercise equipment. Through several cycles of overpainting, enlargement and overpainting again, the process allows the images to take on new and unplanned meanings as the border between human and machine becomes blurred. Some images evolve towards the abstract while others suggest UFOs, angels, cocoons, etcetera:

“The original advertisement’s layout implied a closely-knit group brought together through common goals: self-improvement, a healthier lifestyle through rigorous physical and mental discipline, hedging against gravity and mortality… The tiny community, perpetually frozen in newsprint, forever preoccupied with achieving and maintaining “perfect” bodies, hints at an underlying anxiety with our culture’s fear of mortality. In this rarified environment the body either breaks free of gravity or is absorbed by it. Through this series of investigations I hope to illuminate and articulate some of the obsessions, anxieties and triumphs that collectively preoccupy us while exploring the relationships between humans and machines. As we make our way into an uncertain future, questions of where the physical self ends and the machine begins and the ongoing tensions between stasis and action become more crucial than ever.” 

Canadian musician, producer and artist, Mark Gane, is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art. In addition to solo and group exhibitions and performances at OCA, The Music Gallery, The Art Gallery of Ontario and alternative galleries in Toronto, he has performed with Laurie Anderson, Udo Kasemets, John Oswald and Pierre Ouellet.  In 1977, he and fellow OCA student David Millar founded the new-wave band Martha and the Muffins.

Review of Mark Gane’s exhibition and Paull Rodrigue’s concurrent exhibition in the Hamilton Spectator by Regina Haggo “A touch of glass”.

Mark Gane and Ray Dillard setting up for the performance
Mark Gane and Ray Dillard setting up for the performance

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