Maureen Steuart – Animals That Prefer…

Animals That Prefer Alternate Means of Transportation
Etchings and watercolours

January 8 – 31, 2016
Opening reception Friday January 8, 7-9:30pm

Maureen Steuart invitation

Dundas-based artist, Maureen Steuart is an admirer of many forms of whimsy, ranging from folk art to political cartoons. This exhibition reflects that interest through her work as an experienced printmaker. “Printmaking requires a great deal of patience,” she notes. “It seems an anomaly to work for so many hours to produce a piece of whimsy… but it can bring so much happiness, such elation, when it all comes together.”

The inspiration for this series of prints came principally from Maureen’s grandchildren and a playful thought. “One day I was thinking that if animals could choose alternate means of transportation, other than their current methods, what would that be?” The resulting series of etchings and watercolours, two years in the making, sees various animals setting off on adventures of their own.

Exhibition review by Regina Haggo in The Hamilton Spectator (2016, January 23) If hippos could fly…

Maureen Steuart exhibit at Carnegie

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