Melissa Neil – Saltation

Melissa Neil, Paintings

February 4-26, 2022
Meet the artist Friday, February 4, 7-9:30pm

This exhibition of landscape painting is the artist’s first show at the Carnegie Gallery. Working from her own photographs, she often draws on imagery of gravel pits, brush piles, sand dunes, and beach vegetation. The work in this exhibition includes oil paintings on Mylar or stretched linen canvases, and is characterized by its confident brushwork, heightened colour, and sense of movement. Her painted landscapes explore overarching themes of perception, memory, time and place.

Saltation draws on imagery from a sand dune beach appreciated from both the vantage point of wide vistas and closer viewed poetic details within such as the movement of marram grass and tangles of beach wormwood. Soft sandy paths cut through the vegetation  to romantic lakeside views but also to shadowy woods. Throughout creating the series the colour palette transitioned from representational to iterations with more saturated cyans, and magentas and yellows, referencing discoloured colour photographs from the 60’s and 70’s . In this series the fleeting nature of this particular environment is explored while contemplating overarching themes of family, the environment and the passage of time.

Review by Regina Haggo “Two Hamilton artists take us to nature’s special places“. (The Hamilton Spectator. 14 February 2022).

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting the presentation of this exhibition through an Exhibitions Assistance Grant.

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Melissa Neil, "Saltation" exhibition 2022, corner view in gallery

Melissa Neil, "Saltation" exhibition 2022, view in gallery

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