Mita Giacomini – Other Words for Birds

surface weavings

July 5-28, 2019
Opening reception Friday July 5, 7-9:30pm

Mita Giacomini, Other Words For Birds, exhibition invitationThe work in this exhibition depicts human-scale portraits of birds focusing on their individual expression and body language. The artist uses a distinctive fibre technique known as ‘surface weaving’ which creates richly coloured surfaces with myriad colour variations and interactions.

Review by Regina Haggo “Fine Feathered Friends: Mita Giacomini embraces her encounters with birds in her art”. (St. Catherines Standard. 19 July 2019).

Mita Giacomini, Three Sixty, surface weaving
Mita Giacomini, “Three Sixty”, surface weaving


Mita Giacomini, vulture image, surface weaving
Mita Giacomini, surface weaving


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