Paul Cvetich – Geriland


October 2 – 25, 2015
Opening reception Friday October 2, 7-9:30pm

Paul Cvetich invitationDundas-based artist, Paul Cvetich, creates vibrant sculptures of polychromed wood, which burst from the gallery walls in abstract clusters of line and form. Each work is a playful exploration of colour and shape through which both the artist and viewer may discover the unexpected. Process is a significant part of the meaning of Paul’s art, the making of which he has described as a “way of problem-solving.” According to Cvetich, “making art can teach the maker.”

Cvetich is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Guelph and completed his Hons BA in Art and Art History at McMaster University in Hamilton. He has previously exhibited work in Hamilton, Toronto, Waterloo and St. Thomas. In 1990 he completed the Day of Mourning Memorial, a public commission installed at the City Hall in Hamilton, Ontario.

Paul Cvetich exhibition opening
Paul Cvetich exhibition opening


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