Paull Rodrigue – Aura

Paull Rodrigue, exhibition invitationGlass

February 3 – 26, 2017
Opening Reception Friday February 3,  7 – 9:30pm

An exploration in glass, colour and light. Paull Rodrigue spends hours each day creating decorative and functional art from molten glass. Manipulating and maneuvering molten glass to create colourful, translucent vessels requires patience and precision:

“In this creative process … I connect with the conscious part of my personality and awaken. The glass presents a challenge which I respond to in an intuitive and spontaneous manner. The seductive qualities continue to entice me and I look forward to the “court and spark” and the dance that ensues.”

Review in the Hamilton Spectator “A touch of glass” by Regina Haggo of the concurrent exhibitions by Paull Rodrigue and Mark Gane.

Review by Julia Lovett in the Flamborough Review  “Greensville glass artist presents Aura exhibition at Carnegie Gallery”.

Paull Rodrigue's 'Aura' exhibition
Paull Rodrigue’s ‘Aura’ exhibition
Paull Rodrigue, 'Migration' (blown glass installation, 2017)
Paull Rodrigue, ‘Migration’ (blown glass installation, 2017)

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