Peter Kirkland – New Works

February 7 to March 2, 2014
Opening reception Friday February 7, 7-9:30pm

Peter-Kirkland-invitation_frontThe exhibition will consist of a mix of paintings and drawings. All of the paintings will be oil on wood. The drawings will be mixed media on paper. The paintings in this exhibition continue the investigation begun in 2012 by working on wood instead of canvas affording Kirkland the spatial dynamics he desires.

‘He continues to create allusive, somewhat biomorphic abstractions, emphasizing the painterly process allowing marks of revision to remain.’

He states ”Since I’ve come to work improvisationally, I think that the decisions made during the course of the picture’s evolution, even the ones I reject, remain relevant insofar as they describe the trajectory of my thinking about the emerging image. I hadn’t been able to transfer this process-oriented method to my paintings, at least without scraping the canvas down to the point of serious abrasion or tearing, and as a result the paintings, while I considered them successful on their own terms, lacked this element of creative transparency. The solution that I arrived at was to switch to a support that would withstand the sort of abuse necessary in removing layers of oil paint. In this I was influenced by John Brown and Paterson Ewen, both of whom use(d) sanders and scrapers in ways that I’ve adopted (and I hope I’ve avoided copying these artists – I think my results are different enough that I won’t be accused of imitation).”

The Carnegie is pleased once again to host an exhibition of Peter Kirkland’s. He has exhibited his work consistently and extensively throughout the Greater Toronto area over the past 30 years.

The artist Peter Kirkland on the left, photo by Sun Lee

Artist Peter Kirkland (L) speaks with a visitor
at the exhibition opening.

Peter Kirkland drawings, photo by Sun Lee

Peter Kirkland paintings, photo by Sun Lee

Peter Kirkland paintings, photo by Sun Lee

photos by Sun Lee

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