Riverside Print Group – Divergence

Exhibition by members of the printmaking collective “Riverside Print Group”

October 3 – 26, 2014
Opening reception Friday October 3, 7-9:30pm

Riverside Print Group invitationExhibiting Artists:
Donna Stewart
Laura Perrin
Darryl Nunn
Ginny Carnevale
David Scott
Kari Melhus
Betty Praught
Bill Praught
Heather Franklin

The Riverside Print Group was established in 2006, a devoted collective of printmaking enthusiasts working out of Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ontario.

“Divergence” explores the elements of contrast and its many applications in printmaking, by subject, technique, mood, atmosphere, and the many facets of contrast through arrangement of opposite elements creating visual interest. It also represents the unique styles of each artist in the group.

This will be their second show outside of Cambridge as a group, of their 11 exhibitions since 2006. Each artist has their own extensive individual experiences through exhibitions, mostly in southern Ontario and we look forward to their presentation here at the Carnegie.

Riverside Print Group photo

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