Rose Anne Prevec – Cartoons from Groundhog Hill

Rose Anne Prevec,

Cartoons from Groundhog Hill

The Barber Atrium
September 8 – October 1, 2023 
Reception: Friday, September 15, 7-9:30pm 

This delightful exhibition features the lively ink drawings of Dundas cartoonist and illustrator Rose Anne Prevec. Her light-hearted cartoons feature the animals she encounters while hiking the Dundas Valley trails and combine local nature with broader, relatable human concerns. Her cast of creatures pokes fun at family life, business jargon, current events and more. Playful, sweet, and sometimes blunt, Prevec’s cartoons bring a sense of laughter to our shared experience.

Rose Anne Prevec on Instagram: groundhog_hill

Spectator Article by Regina Haggo:

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