Stephen Séguin – Electric

Drawing & Sculpture

August 1- 31, 2014
Opening Reception Friday August 1, 7-9:30 pm

Electric“Over the last few years, I have spent an extensive amount of time exploring human development by examining its correlations from cells and organisms to highways and circuit boards. In creation, the intricate designs of the things we create ultimately reflected the designs of what create us in a unifying comparison of viewpoints. Studying these intricate and abstract works have inspired in me a deep appreciation for the bare elements of design used to compose each piece. After constructing ongoing bodies of work almost solely of ink drawings I have felt increasingly more compelled to examine the contours of my work in greater detail. I am intrigued how the interpretation of a single line can be manifested in many ways to bring about different thoughts and feelings.”

This collection strives to depict the dynamic sense of movement achieved through varying but repetitive series of lines. The evolving line widths and curvature help to rhythmically ease and submerse the viewer.

Overlapping layers depict contouring lines competing for attention in the depths of both two and three dimensional spaces.

Colours have been omitted in an attempt to expose the bare design aesthetics without any distractions. Although abstract, interpretations of both natural and man-made characteristics can still be perceived in each piece through very abrupt and automated repetitive lines evolving into free flowing arterial forms.

Electric represents the energy of perceived movement and the emotions it delivers through the simplest of design elements.”

Stephen is a graduate of OCAD Thesis Programme OCAD Florence Italy and possesses a BFA from OCAD Toronto in 2009. He has exhibited in solo exhibitions in recent years in Toronto and Hamilton and numerous group exhibits between 2004 and the present in various Ontario locations, B.C., Ottawa and Florence Italy.


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