The Laws

Saturday, September 24, 2016

“… recalls The Everly Brothers in their prime. Yes, the harmonies really are that good.”

Robert Oermann, Music Row Magazine

“The couple’s classic folk sound, highlighted by their euphonic vocal harmonies, will be a sonic balm to anyone who longs for a return to simpler, more direct music making.”

SS – Vintage Guitar Magazine

July 1995 … a party for the “carnies”, the travelling county fair workers, featuring a CSNY cover band called “Four Way Street” at a cottage in Delta, Ontario. Neither Michele or John had any idea that this evening would change their lives …. their eyes meet over everyone’s heads (they’re tall) and it’s love at first sight (well, maybe a bit of lust, too).

Three weeks later, with just one suitcase and a guitar, they arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia to begin their new lives together.

Now with a number of years of touring throughout Canada, the United States and Australia, and 6 CDs, The Laws have been called “the best duo out of Canada since Ian and Sylvia.”, won the 2007 Chris Austin Songwriting contest, secured a writing deal in Nashville and have been featured on CMT, Entertainment Tonight Canada and as “rising stars” on the upcoming PBS special, Legends and Lyrics. They published a cookbook and have appeared on numerous cooking and national news shows, generating almost as much press for their culinary skills as for their music.

John and Michele have traveled over one million miles, played thousands of shows and continue to take their unique acoustic sound to new audiences around the world.

In 2012, John and Michele founded the Sun Parlour Folk Music Society to promote the live performance of folk music and other cultural activities in their community of Kingsville. As part of that, they are the artistic directors of the terrific Kingsville Folk Music Festival, which takes place every year on the 2nd weekend of August.

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