Jin Hee Jun

JIN HEE JUN at work

Burlington, ON

A native of Korea, Jin Hee now lives in Burlington and has been exhibiting locally and internationally for more than thirty years.  Her free-standing and relief clay sculptures include animals, figures and landscape.  These large and small scale works are hand-built from coils of several different clay bodies, and often depict  heads with various facial expressions that explore different states of mind.  Her minimalist approach and stylized incorporation of symbols further suggest a surreal dreamlike quality provoking a quiet contemplation of the human condition.  

Jun Hee has had numerous solo exhibitions in Korea and in Canada including the Art Gallery of Burlington and the Carnegie Gallery.  She has also conducted several ceramic workshops including those in Muju and Icheon, Korea.  Her work can be found in the collections of the International Arts & Artists Center, Washington DC; Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute Museum, China;  Asia Museum, Daejun, Korea;  Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Kwangju, Korea; and the Chungkang College of Cultural Industries, Korea.

Jin Hee Jun’s Ceramic Art blog

Watch YouTube video to see more of Jin Hee Jun’s work:
“An Introduction to Jin Hee Jun, Jung Do Lee & A Buncheong Technique”

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