Mita Giacomini

Dundas, ON

Mita studied graphic design at UC Davis Extension in California before coming to Canada.  Otherwise self-taught, she developed her surface weaving technique which allows her to generate  richly textured surfaces and complex coloured images.  Her weavings suggest a neo-impressionist, painterly quality, but also offer a nuanced visual experience unique to the fibre medium.  She draws her imagery from nature, in particular the diversity of birds.  Participating in solo and group shows since 2012, her work has been included in numerous exhibitions across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia.  She has also been featured in several art publications including Art Quilt Quarterly, and Fibre Art Now.  Mita’s work received the award for Excellence in Textile from the Carnegie Craft Juried Biennial Exhibition in 2023.

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